The orb of the only defeated Sand Titan, Msk'all

The Titan's Core is a a spherical ball of mana. It provides power for a Titan. It is found in it's body and is precisely 27" across.


The Titan's Core is perfectly spherical in shape. It emits a glow depending on the type of Titan. For instance, the Sand Titan's orb shines yellow, while a Rock Titan's orb gives off a dark bronze glow.


The Core is naturally used to power Titans. Based off this discovery, it was bought by the Dwarves after a few rudimentary experiments by the Sand Elves. Any mage is able to move it around using magic when in close proximity to the orb. A Dwarven reactor was built in Stachnias to power the city using the Core and its Crystals once the experiments were complete.

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