All 20 known runes, as listed in the list of runes

"Magic, or the Arcane Arts, is a form of primeval energy bound to runes, symbols and emblems."

From The Intricate Details of Runesmithing - Volume 1 by Jimalgo, Master of the Guild of Runesmiths

Runesmithing is the act of using Runes to invest Magic into an inanimate object.

List of RunesEdit

  • Animate - Provides independent thought and weak emotions.
  • Colour - Adds one of four primary colours.
  • Enforce - Increases an objects strength.
  • Language - Allows for understanding of vocabulary.
  • Larynx - Allows for emitting vocabulary as sound.
  • Movement - Allows for movement of body parts. One must be placed for each limb or bendable section.
  • Opinion - Allows for personal choice.
  • Personality - A complex rune, used to roughly determine a personality using three variables.
  • Sentiment - Allows for greater, more complex emotions.
  • Sight - Allows for basic, black and white vision.
  • Enhance - Improves any other rune's power and effect by placing this on top of it.
  • Illuminate - Allows the ability to emit light out of any holes or runes in the object.
  • Obedience - Makes the object more likely to obey a command by a select person.
  • Hearing - Allows the object to hear sounds.
  • Touch - Allows the object to feel textures and surfaces.
  • Sense - Allows the object to instinctively know where it a part of it is.
  • Knowledge - Allows the object to learn new concepts or patterns.
  • Direction - Gives the object a sense of direction without needing a clear view of the sun.
  • Imagination - Allows for the generation of new ideas, patterns and theories, as well as artistic inspiration.
  • Deceive - Rarely used, this Rune allows for the object to lie