A Volcanic Nightleech devouring a leech from the Udes Mountains

Nightleeches are a species of nocturnal, blood-sucking worms that inhabit almost every region of Raxus and in the Blood Forest of Zeyr . They come in a variaty of colors, depending on their original habitat and are also known to be cannibals.


Nightleeches are relatively small and on average grow to around five to ten inches. Rarely, if given the correct circumstances, Nightleeches can grow to massive lengths. The largest known Nightleech was the size of a Sand Serpent.

Depending on the region that is was born in, Nightleeches come in various colors such as red, green, blue and white.

These creatures have small sharp teeth lining the length of the mouth. These teeth are sharp enough to make an incision in the skin to suck the blood, without the victim noticing. Nightleeches are known to attach to the fingers of sleeping people and suck enough blood to prove fatal.


The Nightleeches are home to almost every region of Raxus exclusively, with the exception of the Blood Forest of Zeyr. The color of the leech is based on the color of its location; a Nightleech's color will slowly change to match its new environment.


As long as a Nightleech has a constant supply of blood to keep it alive, it will not die, and keep growing until someone or something kills it.

According to an old Raxian tale, it is said that a certain Nightleech in Raxus has been around since around 2700. It is believed to be around forty feet in length. The locals have named it Ertege'Omedo, or Eater of Brothers in Raxianese, as a tribute to its cannibalism. It is thought to reside deep in a Raxian cave, slaughtering and feasting upon all who dare travel there.


Nightleeches will eat any living animal it can, including other Nightleeches. The organism is sucked through the expanding mouth of the Nightleech, sucking it deeper into the worm. Small, sharp teeth line the inside of the mouth, slicing away at anything, allowing blood to be absorbed by small digestive capillaries located all throughout the digestive tract of the Nightleech. Any flesh will be dissolved by the digestive acids, as the Nighleech only consumes blood.


The required blood in a Nightleech's diet is outstanding and often leads to the starvation of the Nightleech. However, if the Nightleech has a surplus of food, it can grow to outstanding lengths.