Rhea Dreakor riding her dragon, Necrechae.

Necrechae, or Deathsong, is the dragon companion of the Dragon Elf Queen by the name of Rhea Draekor.


Necrechae, being a Ronan Cave Dragon, is built for warfare. She has large, pruple spines piercing from her spine, a thin membrane connecting each of them. Sharp tusks protrude from the side of her pointed face, allowing her to spear anything that comes within range. Her wings, although not being composed of scales, is covered in a smooth, slimy coating that protects the her wings from penetration. Not only does Necrechae have talons at the tip of her wings, but she has even larger, razor sharp claws, curling from her feet.

Necrechae has deep, intimidating purple eyes that can sense heat.


Necrechae is very serious, even more than Rhea. She is very intelligent, proving fatal to any opponents. Necrechae is extremely protective of Rhea and would kill anything that touches her.


Necrechae was born in the year 4962 and given to Rhea Draekor. Ever since then, Necrechae has guarded Rhea as Rhea protects her.

Necrechae flew into the War of Skies and Seas in 4989 with Rhea Draekor, fighting alongside the Sky Elven people.