Malefic Fury

Malefic Fury

Malefic Fury is a Hervin samurai sword blessed with great magical ability. It is currently wielded by R'C'Sethamis, a Raxian warrior brood.


Malefic Fury was made by Tureth Ocalor in the year 1472 and was given to Quai O' Blad, the strongest warrior in Hervin. As he grew older, Quai gave this blade to his son, Retrupaf the Third and since then his blade has passed down through the generations.

Eventually, as the Raxians sieged the Hervin Isles, Warse Gadar took the blade to battle, but was only defeated by Sethamis, who took the blade for his own need.


Malefic Fury is heavily infused with Magic can upon contact with a foe, it emitts an eletcical shock throughout its target. It cannot appear to be scratched and is made of the same metal as Rune Wick, Dezrati.