A Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon or Saedraco is a very common race of Dragons native to Saelonthor and northern Choura.


Frost Dragons look quite like the average dragon: a sturdy body with four legs, a long tail, two horns atop its head, and wings. These wings are quite unique, actually. To protect itself from enemies, the Frost Dragon shields itself with its hardened, glossy wings which are literally natural shields. They are very leathery on the inside, like most Dragon wings, but are covered with a sort of hardened mineral.


Frost Dragons are capable of adept ice magic, making it easy to freeze targets and then raise melee attack on them.


Frost Dragons mainly enjoy the meat of Deer as a primary food source. If they can, they prefer the meat of a Snow Elf, although the Snow Elves often hunt the Frost Dragons.


A Golden Frost Dragon

Golden Frost DragonsEdit

There is actually a sub-species of Frost Dragons known as Golden Frost Dragons. These aren't very much like the original Frost Dragons because of their adaptation of agility, rather than bulk. These Dragons have adapted into fast, free-flying reptiles, who swoop down on their enemies instead of handling them with strength and shields. 


These Frost Dragons have lost their massive build and instead found a slick, more flexible and agile body. They have lost the strong coating which hardens a normal Frost Dragon's wings. Overall, this creature is much smaller, with smaller limbs and a smaller tail. The only thing that is still the same size, if not bigger, are the wings.

Golden Frost Dragons have lost their horns, and instead grown golden frills on their heads and golden spines down their backs, which explains their names.


Golden Frost Dragons have less if not the same magical strength, although they prefer a quick kill with claws, rather than a slow death using ice magic.


Golden Frost Dragons tend to eat the same things as normal Frost Dragons. They are just as capable of hunting.