Shii Itae and Dras'le of Raxus, along with Di'almi of Bedias. All Dark Elven cities

The Cult of Grimm is a Dark Elven religious based country that worshipps Dez'atlor, or Grimm, the God of Death. Their current Archpriestess is Fae'oishin.


Each sunrise, every member of the Cult travels to the local church for daily prayer. There, the Priestess of said church conducts the daily worship. Worship usually consists of sacrifice and scripture from the book of Grimm, the Toyrei Dawné.

It is important to wear the proper clothing for going to a sermon, because if someone does not wear the correct clothing, they will be arrested in the name of Grimm, sentenced to either labor or mutilation.

Common worship involves the sacrifice of boars, cows, prisoners of war, and rarely Dark Elven children. Convicts are also sacrificed. Prayer is also very common, although it is said that in order for a prayer to Grimm to be heard, one must inflict suffering upon one's self. In order to pray, one approches a statue of Grimm in the church upon one knee, wielding a knife used only for sacrifice, and cuts themselves, pouring the blood into a cup or even upon the statue.

The Cult of Grimm builds no cities; the armies of Grimm only conquer and build churches in His name. Each conquered city has a church where locals will worship.

Events Edit

The Cult of Grimm has many traditions, and events. The most popular and well liked of these traditions is Kenaru oi Nameas, or Festival of Queens. Kenaru oi Nameas celebrates the coming of a New Year, where the people ask of the Dez'atlor to grant the Archpriestess strength, power, and knowledge. Many sacrifices occur on this day.


The Cult of Grimm is entirely ruled by the Archpriestess at the city of Shii Itae, once a large Dark Elven trade city. For every city she conquers, she hand picks a new priestess for that church. The Archpriestess rules with an iron fist, yearning to conquer.

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