Atlas of Theria

Atlas of Theria is the last known Earthstrider in all of Dawn. He currently resides on Traismalia, a small volcanic island off of the Bedian coast.


Atlas of Theria is an abnormally large Earthstrider, being around twenty five feet tall. His gem, as was his mother's, Theria of Night, has a bright purple hue.

The talons of Atlas are around a foot long each, striking fear into the most confident opponent. Barbed spikes protect his shoulders, elbows, and knees.

Like all Earthstriders, the underside of Atlas is plated with an orange metal that protects his organs.


Atlas has a very dry, yet quite personality. He will not attack unless he feels as if he or his land, Traismalia, is threatened.

Atlas is very protective of his birthplace, Traismalia and believes it is his only remaining connection to his mother, Theria of Night. He will do anything to protect Traismalia from any intruders.


Atlas was hatched six years before the War of Theria, 4187. He was still young when the war began, but abnormally powerful and large for his age. When his mother, Theria died, he had already matured fully and was the single force that drove the Erayan Force away.

Since 4202, Atlas has guarded the island. He is currently over eight hundred years old.